Welcome on John C's Forest survival school


« Living in nature is Our Passion,
Teaching You how to survive is Our Job ! »


Located in France but working all over the world, EVSF is a Forest survival school aimed to give you a complete knowledge and skills to live and survive in a forest environment. From simple woods to wide and cold subartic Taiga's regions, we will give you the ability to face those specific environment over short and long term period.

The School's Survival Trainning Courses are aimed to anyone willing to learn living in wilderness but also to anyone concerned with acquiring a sound knowledge in forest survival field (in both summery and wintry, exept high mountains area which is another very specific environment). Our programms can be followed by hikers, trekkers, athletics keen on practicing outdoors activities , or simply loving nature...

Our trainning course can also be a high-rate supplement to any professional pathways which may include a work experience linked to the field of wilderness survival and a natural environment.

For instance, browsing staff ,humanitarians, journalists or ethnologists, touristic and mountain guides may be concerned by following our vocational trainning course as well as any other type of outdoor careers.

All of Our Trainning Course are itinerant ones and take place in natural surroundings, therefore, it requires a certain degree of physical and moral involvement: our school does not offers touristic or outdoor leisure activities. If you decide to go on one of our vocational trainning course, you will receive a serious trainning which eventually will allow you to travel in natural areas in a safe and well prepared way, so as to preserve your life or, if applicable, dealing with getting yourself out of a difficult situation involving your self-preservation.


Few words about John C: He is a survival instructor for armies and civilians. John C has also his own TV-show on French national TV ("Mission: Aventures" for childrens, and "Cuisine sauvage" for the family on France 5). He is about 220 days in the wild, often far of civilization, and a big part of his knowledge becomes from his Bashkir-cossack's origin.

See you soon among us !